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“Every week we have a homework assignment in my Diversity of Dress fashion class. Today, our assignment was to bring in an article on body modifications. When the professor went around the room to ask what everyone found, she selected a girl in the front row who immediately said her article was about “chink eyes”. Instead of correcting or dismissing the student, the professor simply said, “Excuse me?,” allowed the student to finish speaking, and moved on.”

Merriam-Webster defines “chink” as an offensive term used to refer to people of Chinese descent. However, many individuals extend the use of the term to refer to people of all Eastern Asian lineage, even though every ethnicity has a unique culture. People tend to think that Asians are not discriminated against  and are on an equal playing field as Caucasians, but that is not the case (1 & 2).

I would suggest to anyone having problems with a professor saying potentially hurtful comments should either A. Make note in their end-of-year evaluations B. Talk to them after class (4) or C. Talk with your academic advisor.

1. Information on racism towards the Asian community

2. Racialicious post about an “Asian ceiling” in higher education

3. A lawsuit that was filed against Miley Cyrus for stretching her face for “chink eyes”

4. A suggestion on how to address a racist comment:

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